28 MountEE Pilots realized!

Bild 7Based on commonly agreed criteria in total 20 renovation objects and 8 new buildings have been realized in the MountEE project so far. The selected buildings range from schools, cultural centres and town halls to social housing buildings, hospitals and office-buildings. The buildings keep high standards of energy performance and choice of building materials and the majority of buildings use renewable energy as source for heating and warm water. Detailed in depth information can be found here

About MountEE

St.Gerold-A(c)CIPRA According to the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive of the European Union (EPBD), all new constructions and existing buildings undergoing major renovation will have to meet Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) standards by 2018. For many municipalities the transition to NZEB is a major challenge. Especially communities in mountain regions often lack know-how, experience and funding. Some face additional challenges such as extreme climate, low accessibility, small entities, low population density and brain drain.

The project «MountEE – sustainable building in mountain regions» supports communities in Sweden, the Alps and the Pyrenees in order to help them achieve their objectives in the areas of sustainable building and renovation, and transform them into front runners.

Service as the key to success: 30 pilot buildings are testing the “service package”

Mountee(c)cipraThe key to successful, sustainable building projects is a holistic and structured approach, from the idea, to planning and, finally, the end use. Regionally adapted service packages can now help municipalities kept track of the various aspects. Experts such as building ecologists and environmental consultants assist local authorities throughout the entire building process, providing advice on matters such as energy conservation, ecological building materials and quality assurance. The packages are being developed by mountain regions in Sweden, the Pyrenees and the Alps.

The first of more than 30 building and renovation projects that are implemented with the help of regional service packages are now finished, like an office building in Crolles, France, a kindergarten in Sagrado, Italy and a museum in Jokkmokk, Sweden. To see how pilots buildings omplement the Service Package, follow this link.

International seminar  “Sustainable Building – Construction services and best practice in Europe” on 17.06.2014

MountEE_Kiruna_SeminarHow far have we come in Sweden compared to other regions in Europe? Are we in the lead and what can we learn from other regions? The project «MountEE – sustainable building in mountain regions» supports municipalities in Sweden, Austria, France and Italy in order to become front runners in energy efficient and sustainable construction. Highlights from this work, best practice examples and the use of different service packages for sustainable building will be presented by the MountEE parners from 6 regions at the seminar on 17.06.2014 in Falun, Sweden.

Building the future! Sustainable construction in European mountain municipalities.

Construction and renovation of sustainable public buildings is a team-oriented process and requires audacity. This includes decision makers, architects, craftsmen, and of course the local population.

The film “Building the future!” shows how European mountain municipalities from Sweden, across the Pyrenees to the Alps are pioneers in the field of sustainable construction. Good practice examples and inspiring ideas invite to follow! The film is available in German, Italian, French and Swedish and has been produced by the partners themselves under the framework of the EU project MountEE.

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