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Town hall renovation, St Verand

Region:  Rhone-Alpes, France
Implemented on: Local level
Target group: Building stakeholders


The Town Hall of Saint-Vérand in Isère is an important heritage to preserve. Thus the choice for renovation was to maintain the appearance of the exterior and thus to insulate the building from the inside resulting among others into the removal of all existing wood floors and all interior refurbishment. Beyond, it was decided to change the building use into a town centre incl. e.g. post office and town hall. The building has been designed according to the standard BBC (Low Consumption Building): consumption of primary energy must not exceed – 40% of the conventional reference. All choices of materials, construction systems, insulation etc. were chosen according to different scenarios tested both to measure their technical impact and their economic impact to find the best possible ratio between technical and environmental gain according to costs.


Preserving a historic building while increasing energy and environmental performance.


  • 1 137 000 € (excluding exteriors), and 917 000 € (renovation works only);
  • Subsidies : 457 350 € representing 40 % of the investment


Improving energy performance from 316,39 kWhep/m² /year to 97,31 kWhep/m² /year

Lessons learnt:

  • This project is a pilot in the Rhône-Alpes and will serve as a reference for other similar projects.
  • The qualities of insulation and careful implementation guarantee a good part of the thermal performance of the building. Further important factors are air tightness and use of waste heat;
  • The proposed transformation of the Municipality is guided by a comprehensive high environmental quality environmental approach: energy conservation, maintenance, thermal comfort in winter and summer, acoustic management, management of construction waste are priorities.