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Town hall renovation of Tournon

Region: Rhone-Alpes, France
Implemented on: Local level
Target group: Building stakeholders


The City of Tournon has been committed to environment protection and energy savings for a long time (e.g. energy consumption monitoring for municipal buildings since 2006, investment in a wood boiler in a school in 2005, and energy saving measures reg. public lighting). In 2007, the municipality started a project aiming at retrofitting of the town hall and the creation of rental housing for people with economic and social difficulties.

There were many problems to solve in the town hall retrofitting: from a roof in poor condition to a lack of insulation, lack of air tightness generating great discomfort and electric and thereby expensive heating. Electric heating has been replaced by connection to district heating supplied by a pellets wood boiler. A solar thermal system provides hot water, and a 9 kWp PV plant is producing electricity.


  • Improving comfort inside the building making it airtight;
  • Improving energy performance through insulation and use of renewable energies;
  • Making the building accessible for disabled people and meet safety standards.


  • Total cost: 495 688.65 € exclusive of tax. Additional costs linked to additional energy efficiency were 30% due to specific building conditions (normally 8-12%)
  • Subsidies: 101 257 € HT (20%)


  • BBC standards (low consumption building) could be met;
  • Energy demand could be reduced from 154.1 kWhep/m² SHON /year to 36.8 kWhep/m² SHON/year.

Lessons learnt:

  • Success factors: Companies have been invited to a training, performance tests in place and a guarantee of results that has stimulated business;
  • Characteristics related to BBC not sufficiently taken into account by the craftsmen who responded on the basis of a classical rehabilitation;
  • There was a need for high availability of contractors and continuous monitoring by the responsible for works of the municipality.