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Construction of a childcare home, Combe de Savoie

Region: Community of Municipalities “Combe de Savoie”, Rhone-Alpes, France
Implemented on: Local level
Target group: Building stakeholders


Due to the growing needs for childcare, the Community of Municipalities of Combe de Savoie (CCCS) and the Community of Municipalities Gelon Coisin (CCGC) came together for the realization of two twin nurseries. The target was to meet the objective of the BBC label (low consumption building) and integrate ambitious criteria for the environmental quality of the building specifically to reach a very good indoor air quality. Because of very motivated and informed owners, the selected contractor proposed to go beyond by offering a passive house (heating needs <15 kWh/m².year). In the end, the building has been realised with the following features: pellet boiler 15 kW, solar thermal system 6m2, highly efficient ventilation with heat recovery, passive solar energy use (e.g. orientation of building), efficient lighting, and choice of environmental and healthy building materials.


  • Providing parents with childcare;
  • Realising a building with high energy performance and a healthy indoor climate.


  • Total cost: 845 557 € HT;
  • Public subsidies : 80%


  • Compliance with BBC label (2005);
  • Compliance with requirements of passive buildings.

Lessons learnt:

  • The close collaboration between owners and contractors have allowed to bring this project to high levels of environmental and energy performance.
  • Additional costs related to performance have been mastered, and owners have benefited from additional financing for the ambitious requirements of the project. Surcharge of 6% to go from low consumption level to passive level;
  • The owner has evaluated needs and expectations in collaboration with users. Then the program was clearly defined with specific energy and environmental goals.
  • The contractor has ensured the follow up of objectives of this environmental approach.