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Construction of an early childhood centre in Saint-Pierre d’Allevard

Region: Rhone-Alpes, France
Implemented on: Local level
Target group: Building stakeholders


Based on a strong commitment to environmental protection, the city of Saint-Pierre d’Allevard decided in 2010 to build an innovative early childhood centre focusing on energy and environmental performance. The site is located at an altitude of about 520 m and planning includes reinforced insulation, high air tightness, efficient lighting and highly efficient ventilation. A pellet boiler and solar thermal systems are providing heat and warm water. The project is following the principle of a high environmental quality label. The target is to go beyond the BBC level (low consumption building) by 50%.


  • Contributing to energy and climate targets;
  • Realising a building with high energy performance and a healthy indoor climate.


  • Total cost: 1 847 830 €
  • Subsidies: 573 396,18 € (Loan 0% CAF (Family Allowance Fund) : 100 000 €


  • BBC performance reached without asking for the label and air tightness tests carried out with great results;

Lessons learnt:

  • Technically and economically the project went smoothly thanks to the motivation and involvement of the owner and secondly through effective partnership with the contractor team.
  • Technically, the project went far in terms of energy performance. However the label Effinergie has not been applied for because the cost of the latter was considered too expensive.
  • The end of the construction is scheduled for late 2012, as there has not yet been heating season there is no figures on consumption.