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New building kindergarten, Bizau

Region: Vorarlberg, Austria
Implemented on: Local level
Target group:  Building stakeholders


The new kindergarten building integrates naturally into the existing built environment and creates convincing outside spaces with very close ties to the surrounding village and mountains. The building itself is designed as a structural timber construction. In terms of energy engineering the new building is of passive house design. The use of ecological, sturdy building materials guarantees a long service life, contributing positively to sustainability. This was a result of a successful cooperation with the service package and a good teamwork between architect and building service engineers.


  • Contributing to energy, climate and environmental targets;
  • Realising a building with high energy performance and a healthy indoor climate;
  • Taking the lead as municipality in innovative energy efficient building processes.


  • Total cost: The total building costs were 1 Mil. €, 1.967 €/m²
  • Financing: local authority and the county.


  • A building with an energy demand of 10 kWh/(m²a);
  • The targets of the ecological program were met and the building has been awarded with two prices.

Lessons learnt:

  • A good cooperation between architect and mayor in an ambitious community was the basis for success;
  • Good night cooling concept part of success;
  • The building convinces architects who think high energy efficiency is not corresponding with good architecture.