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Minergie administration and archive building, Vaduz

Region: Liechtenstein
Implemented on: Local level
Target group: Building stakeholders, administration


The archive and administration building of the Land Liechtenstein is the first public building in Liechtenstein certified “Minergie P”. Despite special thermic and humidity needs for the magazines of the archive, the building has very low energy consumption. The back of the building is integrated into the slope. Thanks to its massive shape and its thick walls, the insulation is efficient in any season and no air-conditioning is required. The use of the humidity-absorbing material “Prosorb”, thick concrete walls and clay-panels require only a minimal ventilation and air-conditioning. The low needs in heating and cooling are covered by a ground water heat pump. The roof is planted with grass.


Combining energy efficiency and environmentally friendly building materials with the needs of a public archive: long term protection from natural external climate condition.


  • Total costs 13,89 Mio €, equivalent to 4.435 €/m2;
  • Financed by the government and administration of Liechtenstein.


  • In comparison to the earlier archive, energy consumption has been reduced by 80 %;
  • The prospect of this public building was a long-lasting, resistant construction which needs minimal input over the time;
  • New materials (Prosorb) proved to be useful for regulating humidity.

Lessons learnt:

  • The building shows that there is no contradiction between energy-efficient-building and special needs like constant humidity and temperature.
  • Success factors were the commitment of the building owner to create a resistant, long-lasting building even at increased costs, and to have a strong promoter by the former head of the archive; long term vision.
  • The building administration “Hochbauamt Liechtenstein” had the instruction to implement energy-efficiency in all public buildings
  • Experiences are transferable to other locations, as archives are needed in several places and institutions;
  • Collecting all data required for the Minergie-Standard was difficult and did cost much time.