Good Practice > Buildings > “Bäckåsen” – a low energy building in Gällivare

“Bäckåsen” – a low energy building in Gällivare

Region: City of Gällivare
Implemented on: Local level
Target group: Building stakeholders


The cold climate in the northern parts of Sweden makes great demands on the construction work to achieve high energy efficiency. The 100% governmentally owned mining company LKAB has been mining in the area of Kiruna and Gällivare/Malmberget for more than 100 years. The expansion of the iron ore fields around the mining industry result in a huge demand for new housings. Bäckåsen is the first construction of apartment buildings in Malmberget in the last 50 years. It is a low energy house built with industrial methods. Power consumption is less than 75 kWh/m2 and density lower than 0.4 l/m2s. The building is environmentally classified (Silver).


  • Contributing to sustainability targets in new residential areas as described in plan-ning document “New Vision Gällivare”;
  • Creating new living space in a phase of change due to a growing mining area;
  • Developing prefabricated low-energy-houses for Northern climate;
  •           Strengthening building industries competence to build low-energy houses for the Northern climate at reasonable costs.


Mining company LKAB and national funding programme.


  • A environmentally certified high quality building.

Lessons learnt:

  • A better result could have been achieved through a better place and a more adapted shape of the house;
  • Sustainability as one of the strategic priorities for New Vision Gällivare was an important driver for the project.