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Energy saving certificates and creation of a fund for efficient energy

Region:  South France, Parc naturel régional des Pyrénées Catalanes
Implemented on: Regional level
Target group: Energy provider, municipalities


The system of energy saving certificates is a national instrument, in which energy suppliers are obliged to prove energy savings through certificates. They can buy certificates from local authorities, social housing actors and government services of social housing (ANAH). In Pyrenees-Orientales, an organization of 222 municipalities at county level for energy management offers to gather certificates in order to sell them on a specific market in order to get a better price. Collected funds from the sale of certificates will be redistributed to municipalities in the form of grants for new renovations, which will induce news certificates of energy saving.


  • Pushing renovation projects and energy savings;
  • Improve market conditions for municipalities through gathering certificates.


  • Administration costs for gathering certificates, but better price.
  • Energy supplier are obliged to prove energy savings by certificates.


Fund will start in 2013.

Lessons learnt:

  • It is very difficult for small municipalities to sell their certificates by own because they can’t negotiate. The fund is intended to create a positive cycle of generating certificates, selling them and funding new renovation projects by this.