Good Practice > Financing instruments > Regional Public Third Party Financing Society for Energy Efficiency Projects in the Building Sector

Regional Public Third Party Financing Society for Energy Efficiency Projects in the Building Sector

Region: Rhône-Alpes Region

Implemented on: Regional level

Target group: Municipalities


The Local State-owned Company (SPL) responsible for energy efficiency, OSER (Regional Energy Services Operator) created on December 6, 2012, is a company dedicated to carrying out high-performing energy renovation projects. It will enable communities to conduct bold energy renovation programmes and show exemplary dynamism. The SPL, made available to the Rhône-Alpes communities, is the first tool of this type in France.


  • To initiate an strong thermal rehabilitation dynamism for the public heritage with a minimum BBC (low-energy building) renovation level (approximately 80kWh/m2/year).
  • To provide a service offer (technical and financial) to local communities expressing a need for support for ambitious projects.
  • To mutualise competences and means and capitalise on experiences.
  • to complete about fifteen third-party investments per year, comprised between €0.5 Million for a work total of €15 Million


  • Capital: €5,297,000 (94.4% by the region; the remaining part by: communities on the basis of €1/inhabitant)
  • Any community that wishes to become involved in an energy renovation strategy with the help of the SPL will pay an entry capital (1€/inhabitant) and a project capital (approximately 10% of the estimated cost of the work.
  • The SPL intervenes as a third party to finance studies, work and the exploitation of the operation. In return, the community will pay a rental fee to the SPL during the period of exploitation of the renovated structure (between 10 and 20 years).


  • None yet, as the has been created first on December 6, 2012.


The third-party investment proposed by the SPL makes it possible:

  • to balance and secure community spending over time
  • to simplify the tendering procedures
  • to transfer the risks from small communities to the expert organisation SPL (deadlines, costs, management)
  • to support the employment of SMEs and inject dynamism in the local economic infrastructure