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Municipal Building Logbook

Region: Vorarlberg
Implemented on: Regional level
Target group: Public authorities


New public buildings get traditionally subsidies from the province of Vorarlberg. Since 2011, this funding is based on quality criteria in the fields of energy, environment and health. The quality is proven by using an Excel tool that awards points. The maximum number of points is 1,000; 900 points qualifies for the maximum funding. Below 700 points the municipality receives a lower funding than prior to the launch. The assessment covers process and planning quality, energy and supply, health and comfort, and building materials and construction, with a total of 14 criteria.


  • Contributing to the energy autonomy in Vorarlberg by public authorities being frontrunner for the building chain and enforcing the local handicrafts and small producers;
  • High quality and measureable results in the building process, incl. the use of solar energy;
  • Environmental and healthy buildings for public use.


  • About 140.000 Euro were invested. The total amount of funding for public buildings in the province is expected to remain about the same, as buildings which score low receive less subsidies than before;
  • About 70.000 Euro for developing instrument, criteria and evaluation;


  • The first 3-4 projects have been realized, all of them scoring high.

Lessons learnt:

  • The launch met fewer difficulties as expected;
  • Success factor: Established and efficient networking of local politicians;
  • Stimulation to build energy efficient and ecological became stronger.