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Incentive programme for photovoltaic (feed-in tariff)

Region: Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy
Implemented on: National level
Target group: Citizens, companies, public bodies


The ”Conto energia” is an incentive program that was created with the aim of supporting the use of photovoltaic in Italy. The program has been running since 2005. Feed-in tariffs for the first 20 years of plant life are defined. The nominal size of the PV system must be greater than 1kWp. The tariffs provided will be revised every six months from the date of entry into force of the new order, August 27, 2012, and have two types of tariff:
• all-inclusive tariff
• premium rate on the energy consumed on site.


• Contribute to the EU’s 20-20-20 targets and objectives of the EU renewable directive.


• Financed by a levy on energy bills of all electricity operators required in support of renewable energy sources, present since 1991.

• In 2011, the total sum was 2.638.541.904 Euro.


• Italy has grown to become the second largest photovoltaic market, with an installed capacity of 15.93 GW of photovoltaics, or 448,266 plants, as of October 2012.

Lessons learnt:

• Main difficulty: numerous changes in rules and lack planning reliability for investors;
• The system favoured large plants on the costs of smaller ones;
• There is a wish and need to strengthen SME’s possibilities to get into the market, as this would stimulate regional economy and there is less risk for corruption
• There is a need for simplification of procedures and for transparency in the electricity bill.


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