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Swedish national Energy Efficiency Support Program for municipalities

Region: Sweden
Implemented on: National level
Target group: Municipalities


All Swedish municipalities and county councils participating in the energy efficiency programme for public buildings and transport receive annual financial support within a 5-years-period. A total of SEK 99 million (=about 11 million Euro) per year has been set aside. The Swedish Energy Agency is administrating and implementing the funding instrument; the County Administrative Boards are working as supporting structure on regional level.

Municipalities apply once for the whole period with a simple application form. The amount of funding per municipality is related to the number of inhabitants. After application, municipalities need to set up a baseline energy inventory and have to develop energy efficiency targets and an action plan. Once a year, municipalities have to report both their quantified targets and a yearly energy balance, using an online reporting tool. The Swedish Energy Agency is doing evaluation of the achieved results.


  • Increase investments for energy efficiency measures on the regional and local scale;
  • Contribute to Swedish and EU climate and sustainable energy targets;
  • Support local authorities and County Councils in developing and implementing energy efficiency programs with defined quantitative targets.


Total cost in Euros: approx. 11 mill € per year for 2010-2014

Financing: Public money


Municipalities are setting quantified targets on the local level and are obliged to measure and quantify their results. No final evaluation is done yet.

Lessons learnt:

  • It was difficult to introduce a consistent reporting and evaluation system/tool, but important to link funding to reporting;
  • Success factor: 5-year funding for strategically work on energy efficiency, that means: 5 years of continuous work and capacity building on local level;
  • Good choice to focus on strategic work on local level, even for small municipalities otherwise lacking capacities for such type of work.
  • Success factor: Support by the County Administrative Boards.