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Energy strategy in the regional natural park of the Massif des Bauges

Region: Regional Natural Park of Massif des Bauges, Rhône-Alpes

Implemented on: Regional/local level

Target group: Stakeholders


The Regional Natural Park of Massif des Bauges includes 65 municipalities with in total 67,000 inhabitants and an area of 90,000 hectares. Its strategy is defined in its charter renewed in 2009. It is noted in particular that “The Regional Natural Park of the Massif des Bauges must raise its level of demand, as regards consumption savings, preservation of ressources, a willingness to experiment with new solutions, especially in the development of renewable energy available in the territory”. The Charter proposes to implement a “sustainable” energy policy in all sectorial policies (housing, transportation, business, tourism, agriculture,…). The Park committed itself, with the structures that compose it, to control energy consumption, to promote and use renewable energy.


  • Raise the share of renewable energies from today’s 11% to at least 20% until 2020;
  • Initiate and boost energy savings programs;
  • Initiate and develop awareness raising campaigns;
  • Giving advice in energy and climate.


  • Budget for awareness and advice activities: 40.000 Euro per year
  • Budget for Call for tenders 220.000 Euro

(Expected) Results:

  • Proximity is the key aspect of regional natural parks, so they have a strong asset for the success of projects on their territory.
  • Increased human and material resources and establishing a “Energy, Climate Plan, mobility” Commission and to hire an engineer in energy as project manager;
  • Launching a call for proposals called “Territorial Climate and Energy Plan” leading to tangible results like village initiative photovoltaic plants, exemplary construction and renovation of buildings).

Lessons learnt:

  • The “Climate Plan” initiated in 2012 will evaluate the relevance of this strategy.