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Action program Metropole Savoie: Sustainable public building construction

Region:  Metropole Savoie
Implemented on: Regional level
Target group: Building players (municipalities, owner, consultants, user)


The local energy action program “BUILD SUSTAINABLE BUILDINGS” for sustainable construction in public buildings of Metropole Savoie (representing 115 municipalities) aims at leading a network of buildings actors (authorities, social housing owners, consultants and firms) to develop the taking into account of the environmental quality in new and renovated buildings on the basis of training and assistance actions. The actions plan goes from 2009 to 2015 and it is based on 2 main actions.

  • A call for tenders for the selection of about 12 projects assisted by Métropole Savoie-ASDER and financially supported for additional services (air tightness, energy performance, methodology for consumption follow up, embodied energy calculation…).
  • Training sessions: awareness of elected representatives, training of action and event managers


  • Networking and mobilization of actors;
  • Increasing competence of professionals in the building sector;
  • Promotion of low energy and high environmental quality building.


  • Total budget : 713 500€
  • Subsidies of the Regional Council for different type of activities between 25 to 80%.


  • Massive and effective mobilisation covering all trades of construction;
  • Creating an appreciated forum where players of the same territory can share and learn.
  • Too early to assess the practical effects of this approach even if initially BBC (low consumption building) projects move towards higher performance.

Lessons learnt:

  • No final evaluation yet:
  • The mixing all the players in the building creates a dynamic and technical solutions are applied by contractors.
  • The need for concerted effort is taken into account by all. In addition, the program was expanded to other partners and experts to share resources and enhance every step by the experience of others.