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Local energy policy of Voironnais territory 2012-2020

Region: Pays Voironnais, Rhône-Alpes
Implemented on: Local level
Target group: Energy stakeholders


After an operation of thermal improvement of buildings and the adoption of the Energy Climate Plan, the Pays Voironnais (34 municipalities – 92 000 inhabitants) has defined a new local energy policy 2012-2020 based on the analysis of long term energy stakes as well as acquired experience. It proposes to work on different thematic: the energy efficiency of public buildings, the energy efficiency of housing (social owners, low-revenue household, individual owners, co-owners), the energy efficiency of renewable energies, advice and promotion of smart energy solutions.


  • Increasing energy efficiency of public buildings, e.g. through better centralized energy monitoring, energy advice and renovation of public buildings;
  • Increasing energy efficiency of housing, e.g. through subsidies and projects;
  • Increasing efficient use of renewable energies, e.g. through supply with local wood, district heating networks and individual solar water heater;
  • Improved advice service for various target groups.


  • About 720.000 € per year.
  • For 2013, a budget of 300.000 € was allocated to energy policy of the Pays Voironnais.


No final results yet, but concrete results are expected in all thematic areas:

  • involvement of all actors and especially citizens
  • a real dynamic for renovation of the public and private property
  • a reinforcement of requests and a more frequent use of bio based materials
  • a contribution to the preservation of the air quality
  • a development and a sustainability of renewable energies

Lessons learnt:

  • Policy is built on the basis of successive territorial projects and is already well established and defines specific actions by target;
  • Combination of advice/assistance with financial support to projects.