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Online EBO, Online Energy Report

Region: Vorarlberg
Implemented on: Regional level
Target group: Local authorities, facility manager


Since 2001 the so called e5 program is running in Vorarlberg with an increasing number of participating municipals. The target of the program are municipals acting ecologically sensitive and against climate change. To raise awareness to energy demand and resource management it was necessary to measure the demand of public buildings and facilities. Starting with simple excel-sheets the requirements were constantly increasing leading to the EBO software which is able to record the most important energy demands on a yearly base. EBO is an electronic tool to record the heat demand, electricity and water consumption (+ the costs of these consumptions) on a yearly level. The evaluation helps decision makers to recognize and optimize the energy demand of public buildings.


  • Recording of energy demand in buildings and the evaluation of the collected dates;
  • Benchmarking in the whole country or province is available.


  • Free of charge for e5 members, start and yearly payment for non e5 municipals, province license 15.000 €;
  • Every community is paying an activating fee depending on its size (714 to 1.529 €) and a yearly fee (357 to 510€).


  • Starting with only 6 municipalities, there are meanwhile now 56 user communities and the provinces of Tyrol and Styria have bought the EBO program;
  • About 1000 buildings are constantly evaluated in the EBO tool.

Lessons learnt:

  • EBO is self-sustainable economically, but in some cases the costs for the EBO had to be explained to the municipalities;
  • Success factors were: good user feedback, funding from the provincial government, politicians committed to EBO;
  • The users themselves are putting forward proposals for improvements aimed at users – very few report programmes (only controlling and accounting);
  • Main strengths: a very large number of participants, raising the benchmark quality.


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