Administrative building of  « Communauté de Communes du Grésivaudan »

Implementation concept submitted by: AGEDENgresivaudan_crolles2

Place: Crolles, Grésivaudan, Isère, Region Rhône Alpes

Category: new building

Type of building
Kind of public use: Office Building
Total effective area: 2 859,8 m²
Number of levels above earth: R+3
Type of heating system: heat pump air/water
Type of ventilation system: mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, modulation depending kind of room

Owner and Costs
Name of owner: “Communauté de communes du Grésivaudan”
Date of construction/renovation: august 2013
Total cost: 4 700 000 € HT

Short description of the pilot project
This building is iconic and exemplary in a lot of aspects, it is a showcase for the public and for Gresivaudan because it is a high-performance building on energy efficiency and environmental plans and because that the headquarters of the Community of Municipalities of Gresivaudan.
This is a building office inducing some challenge to achieve a good balance between building and devices use and a control of electricity demand and energy savings. All technical data described in various technical documents prove that this is indeed the case.

Process and planning quality
Minergie ® certification with a goal achieved in energy consumption of 40 kWh / m².a (4 for regulatory purposes is 30 kwhep/m².a  for heating and cooling).

Implementation of service package gresivaudan_crolles
Operation REXOL (Feedback Experience Delivered Operations) AGEDEN proposed and accepted by the Director General of Services:
– Verification of the match between the DCE and the DOE
– See what is actually implemented (on some important points, action set, to do with the client and project management)
– Opinion on certain equipment or materials and technical data,
– And later, user awareness, writing an easy to use guide, etc..
– Proposal for possible improvements through a logbook that we made in-house,
– Communication on the project chosen via a plug detailed site on technical and economic aspects as well as on the website MountEE, and with communities through Rhône Alpes Energy Environment (RAEE) and our network as well as with all European partners (Sweden, Italy, Rhône Alpes, Catalan Pyrenees, Austria) written materials and in various meetings with partners.
– Calculation / evaluation of overall costs, etc..
– Awareness / training of users: examples of advice

Energy and Utilities


a)   Primar energy demand: see tables







c)    Renewable energy: only heat pump

Health and Comfort
Strong political commitment to sustainable development.
From the outset of the discussion the client strongly believes in sustainable development wanted to use local resources to build his energy performant building.

Building materials and constructions

Structural work
– Formwork oil to 80% plant Wooden frame
– Contemporary frame
– Wood original Belledone Chartreuse Gresivaudan
– Treatment of wood certified CTB P +

– Contemporary frame
– Wood original Belledone Chartreuse Gresivaudan
– Treatment of wood certified CTB P +
– Blade wooden decking larch PEFC certified

External joinery
– Wood original Belledone Chartreuse Gresivaudan
– Treatment of wood certified CTB P +

Thin soils
– Glues soil EMICODE
– Linoleum

Heating, ventilation / plumbing
– Air tightness
– Pipe insulation
– 500 L insulated tank
– Class II insulation for distribution of hot water
– CTA exchanger with efficiency> 76.8% Eurovent
– Etc.

Own site: constantly cleaning the site and disposal of waste are due by the contractor.

Lessons learned
Strong success in the design of a solidarity group of companies and strong involvement.
Great example of sustainable development and efficiency energy building reinforced insulation, high air tightness, efficient lighting, and highly efficient ventilation etc. The project follows the principles of high environmental quality labeling. The target is to go beyond the BBC level (low consumption building) by 50%.