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Head office, Communtity of municipalities of Oisans, Bourg d’Oisans

Implementation concept submitted by: ASDER

Place: Bourg d’Oisans, Isère, Region Rhône Alpes, France

Category: new building

Type of building
Kind of public use: Offices, reception desk
effective area: not definet yet
Number of levels above earth: not definet yet
Type of heating system: not definet yet
Type of ventilation system: not definet yet

Owner and Costs
Name of owner: Communauté de communes de l’Oisans
Area: Around 1000 m²
Date of construction: Begin of the building works on August 2015
Budget: 2000€/m²

Short description of the pilot project

The Communtity of municipalities of Oisans needs an new office building for its staff (office, technical) and will share it new building with other organisatiuons like tourisme office.

the wishes of the owner concerning environmental goals are ambitious:

–  labellisation Effinergie +

– “high performance” goals concerning 7 categories of the french label HQE:

  • relation of building with the environement
  • choice of products, systemy and processes
  • energie management
  • water management
  • hygrothermal confort
  • visual confort
  • air quality

The service package aims to help the project ownership to reach the high performance goals.

Process and planning quality

Implementation of service package
Help on the program writing : integration of further project team missions – animation – financing suggestions (white certificates, call for proposal…etc )

Energy and Utilities
Renewable energy will be produced according to opportunities

Health and Comfort
Ambitious goals

Building materials and constructions

Lessons learned
Importance of project managment/governance