Kindergarten St. Offenge

Implementation concept submitted by: ASDER 

Region / local area where the pilot is situated: Municipality Saint Offenge, Terrritory of Savoie, Region Rhône-Alpes, France

StOffenge_tableType of building
Use of building: Kindergarten
Kind of public use: Kindergarten and extracurricular space (school canteen and after-school care club)
Number of levels above earth: 1
Source of energy for heating: wood heating network
Type of heating system: pellet wood heating
Type of water heating system: instant electric water heating system
Type of ventilation system: double-flow with heat recovery

Owner and Costs
Name of owner: Syndicat intercommunal de Saint Offenge
Date of construction: End of 2014
Total costs: 1’503’379.00 €
Financing resources: General Council of Savoie, Rhône-Alpes Regional Council, Europe, State

Short description of the pilot project
The kindergarten is a passive house building: energy efficiency building materials (wood) is used, renewable energy

Implementation of service package

  • Assistance in the choice of energy criteria in phase APS AND ODA and optimization of technical solutions
  • Opportunity analysis for the heating system of the building
  • Follow responses from project management to take into account environmental and energetic objectives
  • Support research funding and in public procurement

Energy and Utilities

c)    Primary energy demand
Passive House Building: Energy efficiency building: need for heating <15 kWh/year/m ², Electricity PV, 100 % renewable energy

 d)   Renewable energy
Solar, wood energy

Health and Comfort
Dynamic thermal simulation was performed to estimate discomfort summer school with the software “Comfie-Pléaides”. The summer comfort is judged on the number of hours in excess of 28 ° C when the building is occupied.

  • Solutions time: occultations of all openings / breezes; sun adjustable materials
  • high phase in exterior insulation: fibreboard wood density + search of inertia
  • Lack of air conditioning

Building materials and Construction
Wood construction + ecological insulation materials

Lessons learned
Help to define the targets, Optimization of technical solutions and monitor their outfits throughout the project

Implement effective support for ambitious project
MountEE can truly pull this building and make it sustainable.