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Aspeboda skola – Primary school 

Implementation concept submitted by: Länsstyrelsen Dalarna

Type of building
Use of building: Primary School
Total effective area: 1253 m²
Number of levels above earth: 3
Source of energy for heating: local heating, pellets
Type of heating system: radiators
Type of water heating system: local heating system
Type of ventilation system: FTX
Primar energy demand: 40 kWh/m²/a

Owner and costs
Name of owner: Falun Municipality
Date of construction: 05.2013 – 02.2014
Total costs: 25’000’000  SEK

Short description of the pilot project
The municipality of Falun has showen its competence in building issues. This project is top of the line, with low energy consumtion (40kwh/m2), built in wood,  heated with renewable energy (pellets) and electricity from own windmill park.
MountEE will follow the pilot in the evaluation phase, document the process and results and use it in trainings and education purposes.

Process and planning quality
The municipality has a consulting team located at the municipality. Energy level and choice of building material follow the energy strategy with very good margins. LCC-calculations are done on all installations and energybalanses are established in the planning phase, after procurement and during building process. The best standard for sustainable building material (Sunda Hus) is chosen. Performance is evaluated two and five years after completed construction.

Implementation of service package
The municipality follows the modules in the service package. However it has its own “spinning wheel for the building process” and this is something the MountEE-project will investigate in.

Energy and Utilities

c) Primar energy demand
Energy: 40kwh/m2
Tightness: 0,3l/s
Windows: U0,7 (0,9 including frame)
Ventilation: 80% effectivness
LCC-calculations on all building processes
LED-light in the whole building

d) Renewable energy
Pellets from the municipality owned pellets factory are used (forest products)
Electricity from the municipality owned windmill is used.

Health and comfort
Not in use summertime, no cooling device
Noise polution: Level B on BBR

Building materials and constructions
Sunda Hus concept is used for choice of material
a)     Avoidance of PVC: PVC-free electric cables

b)     Ecological optimization of building materials

Test of special methods

Contact project owner
Organization: Kommunfastigheter i Falun
Name contact person: Subhi Hassona
Address: 791 83 Falun
Phone: 0046 23 828 08
Email: subhi.hassonaalun.se
Web site: www.falun.se