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Primary School Älvdalen

Aspeboda skolaImplementation concept submitted by: Länsstyrelsen Dalarna         

Region: Dalarna, Sweden      

Category: new and renovation (both)

Type of building
Kind of public use: school for education (including libraries)
Total effective area: Old music school 1.200 m2, older brick building, 3rd floor. about 2.000 m2, and new building about 3.000 m2
Source of energy for heating: Forest secondary products (pellets or chips)
Type of heating system: District heating
Type of ventilation system: FTX, recycling through heat exchange

Owner and costs
Name of owner: Älvdalen municipality
Date of construction: Autumn 2014 – 2016 (at least two stages)
Total cost: total budget of 140 million kr, the new building about 60 million kr
Financing resources: borrowed funds, saving adds 10 million

Short description of the pilot project
Part of the old primary school will be renovated and a new part will be built. The facility is designed to meet high educational standards with areas for play and kreativity using the construction in the education (green rooms). The building is built mostly by wood holding 60 kwh/m2 and avoiding harzadous material. LCC is used in calculations and Basta or better standards for choosing construction material. All the work-package modules will be used and an expert will help with implementing the Sweby model.

Process and planning quality
The planning process starte already in 2008 and time has been used to look att best practice examples. Energy levels are based on the local climate- and energy plan. Focus is laid on sustainability.

Implementation of service package
All the work-package modules will be used and an expert will help with implementing the Sweby model. Quality assesment och follow up will be done by the Sveby modell, LCC is used in calculations and construction material will be chosen by att least Basta -standard.

Energy and Utilities

a)    Primary energy demand
60-70 kwh/m2a is proposed which is the standard for minienergy buildings in accordance to FEBY. No cooling is needed but in the kitchen. The building will connect to the district heating system. Low energy light.

b)    Renewable energy
The district heating system is fired by wood residues from the nearby forest and industries. Solar panels will be installed for educational purposes.

Health and comfort
No cooling is necessary, solar protection will be set upp at the library. The ventilation system will fullfill the requirements by law.

Building materials and constructions
Wood is used as much as possible even for bearing structures. Quality system BASTA or better is used when choosing building materials

Test of special methods
BELOK-method will be used in the renovation process if possible

Contact project owner
Organization: Älvdalens kommun
Name contact person: Sune Estenberg
Address: Box 100, 796 22 Älvdalen
Phone: 0046 251 311 67
Email: sune.estenberg@alvdalen.se
Website: www.alvdalen.se