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Appartment building – Orsa

Orsa_masen_121213_lowImplementation concept submitted by: Länsstyrelsen Dalarna 

Region: Dalarna, Sweden      

Category: new production in attractive surroundings

Type of building
Kind of public use: Appartment building, 16 appartments
Total effective area: 1.220m2
Number of levels above earth: 2
Source of energy for heating: wood fuel
Type of heating system: Floor district heating
Type of water heating system: radiator system
Type of ventilation system: FTX, borehole which preheats supply air

Owner and costs
Name of owner: Orsa Bostäder, municipal owned building company
Date of construction: 2014
Total cost: 32 miljoner kr
Financing resources: Self-financing with loan

Short description of the pilot project
The project is the start of the municipals work on the “new Orsa” building housing facilities to reasonable prices in attractive surroundings and envronmentally friendly. The building will be constructed according to the local energy- and climate strategy with 60-80 kwh/m2 and in wood. It will be connected to the district heating grid supplying the building with green energy.
The planning is done in cooperation with the University of Dalarna . MountEE will concentrate in the start-upp phase of the project giving consultance support to the planning process together with the University and introduce the Sveby-model and LCC calculations.

Process and planning quality
The building follows not only the energy criteria set in the municipalities energy – and climate plan and uses the BASTA-concept for choice of building material but the owner has defined new targets aiming at what could be reasonable for future projects not only in the municipality but in the region. A ccoperation with the university has been established in their work and will be used to produce procurement criteria. The new targets will be evaluated and revised during the project.
The target is 60-80 kwh/m2, LCC will be used in planning and BASTA-system for building materials.

Implementation of service package
Procurement, production and evaluation will be the main areas the MountEE-project will work with. LCC-calculations will be used in the building phase and Sveby-model will be used to follow the construction, allocate responsibilities, follow up the building process and evaluate the energetic results.

Energy and Utilities

a)    Primary energy demand
The targe is 70 kwh/m2. The building is connected to the district heating system powered by renewable fuels. No cooling will be necessary. LED-lightning will be used outdoor, and in public facilities and staircases.

b)    Renewable energy
The district heating system is powered by residues from the forest.

Health and comfort
BASTA-system is used for selection of building materials, ensureing low emissions. It has been very important in the planning to place the building on an attractive spot with view on the lake, balconies etc.

Building materials and constructions
The BASTA-concept is used for selection of building materials.

Test of special methods

  • Sveby-model
  • LCC-calculations
  • Procurement features

Contact project owner
Organization: Orsabostäder AB
Name contact person: Mats Berglund
Address: Box 18, 794 21 Orsa
Phone: 0046 250 55 21 77
Email: Mats.Berglund@orsabostader.se
Website: www.orsabostader.se