Renovation of a barn to create a town house in Mantet

Implementation concept submitted by: PNR des Pyrénées Catalanes

Place: Mantet, Pyrenees, France

Type of building
Use of building: Town house (office and meeting)
Total effective area: unknown
Number of levels above earth: 2
Source of energy for heating: wood (to confirm)
Type of heating system: wood boiler (to confirm)
Type of water heating system: Solar hot-water for heating (to confirm)
Type of ventilation system: ventilation system with heat recovery

Owner and costs
Name of owner: municipality of Mantet
Date of renovation and reorganization: 2014-2015
Renovation costs: not defined yet

Short description of the pilot project
Préservation of architectural forms with the goal of a efficiency energy and a high environmental materials and local.

Process and planning quality
The project is currently in the planning process. The design of the project by the project management team will be held in spring 2014. Work will start in spring 2015. Performance tests will take place at 3 years after completion. The objective of energy performence is the thermal regulation of the existing + 30% of improvement.

Implementation of service package
All the modules of service package will be implemented:
step1: Program définition (need, constraints, faisability studies, energie performance, environnemental quality),  support on  on sustainable public procurement;
step 2: support on the different conception project steps and during the construction;
step 3: imlementation of a monitoring system

Primary energy demand
Mixed mode heating with wood boiler with other energy supplement to clarify, solar hot, mecanical ventilation double flow, low consumption lighting, presence detection.

Renewable energy
solar hot water for heating

Health and Comfort
There is no need for thermal summertime confort considering the geographical location (1500m altitude).
Acoustic comfort is achieved trough the realisation of efficient double glazing. The roof insulation and walls will be performing in acoustic et thermal level.

Building materials
The use of wood will be advised, and ecological insulation materials. The proximity of production of these materials wil be a factor of choice  (local resource).

Special methods
The use of slate for roofing will be favored, and the stone for the parties directly involved in the church.

The barn is located in a avalanche zone. The consolidation of the walls and roof will be necessary. Structurals constraints may impact materials could be used.

Contact project owner
Odile GUINEL Maire de la Commune
Address: Mairie, Place de la république
66360 MANTET
Téléphone: +33