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New offices of the Natural Regional ParkOlette Parc_1

Implementation concept submitted by: PNR

Place: Commune d’OLETTE, Parc Naturel Régional des Pyrénées Catalanes, PYRENEE ORIENTALES, France

Category (new/renovation): renovation

Type of building
Kind of public use: offices, public building
Total effective area:
Number of levels above earth: 2
Source of energy for heating: wood boiler (to confirm)
Type of heating system: Solar hot-water for heating (to confirm)
Type of water heating system: electricity
Type of ventilation system: controled double flow

Owner and Costs
Name of owner: Syndicat mixte du parc naturel Régional des Pyrénées Catalanes
Date of renovation: 2014-2015
Total cost: 1 960 000 € without VAT
Financing: Région

Short description of the pilot project
Global renovation and restructuring with high environnmental objectives (energy performance: RT 2012 as in the thermal regulation for new building and including ecological materials).

Process and planning quality
Current phase: The project began with the design team in 2012, the project design is accomplished, business consulting work is in progress, the construction will start in winter 2013/2014. The last step will be the monitoring of the building and its equipments.
Objectives in terms of energy efficiency should be reached the low consumption building standard

Implementation of service package
The service package will be implemented for the accompaniement of the project manager for the selection of companies for the construction and during the construction step in order to verify process in compliance with order objectives. The last service implemented will be the imlementation of a monitoring system.

Energy and Utilities

c)    Primary energy demand
Production and heat emission:
Heat production: Boiler automatic wood pellet condensing PES type (K) 32,  buffer tank 750 liters
Ventilation:Part Ventilation Comfort Double Flow Offices, Normal game VMC Sanitary Flux
Sanitary Hot Water: Cumulus 150L a 1800W power
Electricity: Electric Power loacaux given for 5 W/m², Provided in offices and meeting rooms for office property supplement given to 3W/m²/100lux

d)    Renewable energy
Wood boiler, No need for hot solar water

Health and comfort

a) Thermal comfort in summer
The architect suggest to add shutters for the summertime confort but this option is not yet accepted by the owner. The building is located at 627m altitude

b) Acoustic comfort is achieved trough the realisation of efficient double glazing. The roof insulation and walls will be performing in acoustic at thermal level.

Building materials
The use of wood is present in the project (mixed structure wood, metal, concrete): dressing of wooden ceiling, some walls are wood frame, wood siding is used on interior walls.
The insulation of the walls and the roof is made with cellulose wadding.
The roofing will be made of zinc.

Test of special methods
The llauze is used for roofing external dependencies, several stone walls have been preserved for heritage project quality.

The building is located near a cliff near a river and a diagnosis is required in building permits authorized. The project is located on a site classified as historical monuments there are two medieval towers on the site. The projet is located near an old processing factoring fluorite

Contact owner
Organisation: Syndicat Mixte Du Parc Naturel régional Des Pyrénées Catalanes.
Nom du contact: Directrice du Parc : Séverine Casasayas
Adresse: 1 Rue Dagobert 66210 MONT LOUIS
Téléphone: +33 4 68 04 97 60