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chamberyRenovation of the cultural center Malraux in Chambéry

Implementation concept submitted by: ASDER

Region / local area where the pilot is situated: Chambéry, Territoire de Métropole Savoie, Savoie, Region Rhône-Alpes, France

Type of building
Use of building: Cultural center (national scope). Renovation with change of use.
Total area: 6200 m2
Number of levels above earth: 3
Source of energy for heating: district heating network: 35% fatal energy (from waste incineration), 16% wood energy, 50% gas. 173 g CO2/kWh
Type of heating system: unknown
Type of water heating system: unknownchambery1
Type of ventilation system: unknown

Owner and Costs
Name of owner: Town of Chambéry
Date of construction: building permit planned for the end of 2014
Total costs: unknown
Financing resources: unknown

Short description of the pilot project
Renovation of a cultural building of national importance with a strong focus on sustainable building

Process and planning
Development of the program : late 2013
Building permit end of 2014

Implementation of service package
The town of Chambery wants to be a leader in sustainable renovation. The municipality allready benefits from advanced technical skills and is surrounded by assistants to project managemen. MountEE will support this renovation project on very specific topics such as LCC on lighting, with the implementation of the coordinating role within the town and the co-construction and monitoring of the environmental program.
Given the very recent launch of MountEE support on this project, this is only a guideline and may change (depending in particular of the diagnosis of the Assitant to Project management).

Energy and Utilities

c)    Primary energy demand
Currently undetermined

d)   Renewable energy
This building is connected to the district heating network of the city of Chambery.
The energy mix of the heating network is composed of 35% fatal energy (from waste incineration), 16% of wood energy, 50% of gas. CO2 emissions of this network are 173 g CO2/kWh and are expected to reduce the development of wood energy.

Health and Comfort
At this stage, no specific target is requested, however, the town’s referencial provides on each project’s ambitious objectives on air quality, volatile organic compounds…

chambery3Building materials and Construction
At this stage, no specific target is requested, however, the city referential plans to expand the use of healthy materials, environmentally friendly, comfort and health.

Special methods
Use of Enerbuild referential

Lessons learned
How to set up a service support at the beginning of the project. Help for setting goals and monitoring their outfits throughout the project.
In the framework of this support, Chambery will also use internal tools and develop additional tools, which will be put in common into the MountEE service package.