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Transformation of the school La Salette into a cultural center, St Alban Leysse

School St AlbanImplementation concept submitted by: ASDER

Region: Commune de St Alban Leysse, Territoire de Métropole Savoie, Région Rhône Alpes, France

Category: renovation with use change

Type of building
Kind of public use: Cultural center
Total effective area: 300 m²
Number of levels above earth: 2
Source of energy for heating: no heating at the moment
Type of heating system: no heating at the moment
Type of water heating system: no water heating at the moment
Type of ventilation system: no ventilation at the moment

Owner and Costs
Name of owner: Marie de St Alban Leysse
Date of construction: XIXth century, Renovation planned for 2014
Total cost: 400 000 €
Financing: Municipality and subsidies

Short description of the pilot project
Rehabilitation and conversion of disused school building in a cultural center

School St Alban 2Process and planning quality
Program done (August 2011)
Selection of project management perfor ling for building permits: June 2014
Construction Works: End 2014

Implementation of service package
We will work with the selected team to clarify the environmental and energy objectives and ensure that they held throughout the project.
Specifically, we plan to:

– Advise on the sketch and have recommandations on Energy
– Work with the main contractor to get the project up (program not detailed on this point)
– Develop a vision overall cost to the commwhich unsy
– Consider the white certificats value in this operation

This support will be validated by the Cooperation Committee and the MountEE project group.

This support will help to clarify the service offering for a medium-sized community (population 6,000) which has already launched a program. Given the very recent launch of Mountee support on this project, these are suceptibles to change (depending on the diagnosis of project management in particular).

Energy and Utilities

curently undetermined

Health and Comfort

curently undetermined

Building materials and constructions

curently undetermined

Special methods

Use of Enerbuild referential

Lessons learned
Setting up a service package once program already defined and project management already selected. Help to define the targets and monitor their outfits throughout the project

Coaching a project not specially ambitious  but representative of community projects. Mountee can truly  pull this building and make it sustainable.