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Rénovation of the town hall of Saint-Martin d’Uriage

Implementation concept submitted by: AGEDENUriage2

Place: Saint-Martin d’Uriage, Isère, Rhone-Alpes, France

Category (new/renovation): renovation + new part

Type of building
Kind of public use: Offices, meeting room
Renovation : 860 m² / Extension : 367 m²
Number of levels above earth: Ground floor + 2 floors
Type of heating system: Wood pellet boiler – central heating
Type of water heating system: Electric water heating
Type of ventilation system: Heat recovery ventilation

Owner and Costs
Name of owner: Municipality of Saint-Martin d’Uriage
Date of renovation: planned for 2013 (execution works /air tightness test)
Total cost: 3 240 000 €

Short description of the pilot project
The town hall will be renovated for thermic performance: conservation of the old structure in stones, interior insolation.
The new part will be in concrete with interior insolation and wood roofing. Wood of the comunity.

This project is supported by MountEE for
– inspection during execution works (especially wood boiler)
– building monitoring implementation
– thermal comfort review
– white certifates recovery

Process and planning quality
Project allready in construction work.
2013 : execution works /air tightness test

Implementation of service package
Project manager support on work acceptance (boiler room)
Support on users understanding of the building
guidance on energy monitoring

Energy and Utilities
Free cooling with fresh water
65 kW wood boiler

Building materials and constructions
Wood framework for extension (Use of wood from the municipality forest)

Lessions learned
Difficulty to take part to an allready established project team