Preschool – Sagrado

Implementation concept submitted by: ARESsagrado

Place: Municipality Sagrado, Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

Category: existing building, new wing

Type of building
Kind of public use: school
Total effective area: 1.000 m2
Number of levels above earth: 1
Source of energy for heating: Methane
Type of heating system: Condensing boiler combined with radiant floor system
Type of water heating system: Condensing boiler combined with thermal solar panels
Type of ventilation system: Integration of a system with multi-split for warmer days or for days characterized by sudden changes in temperature

Owner and Costs
Name of owner: Municipality Sagrado
Total cost: The total amount of the contract is € 1,268,680.54 plus VAT and plus social security charges and € 30,000.00 for the design of which € 39,048.50 plus VAT is for safety charges
Financing resources: Regional and municipal funds

Short description of the pilot project
The nursery of Sagrado is a new building, just realized in energy class A. Sagrado municipality wanta to check the effective energy consumption of the building and finds ways to improve the energy efficiency of the building. A lot of attention in the realization has been put to building materials: both the building and the furniture are made of wood, so the Municipality would like to develop a plan for cleaning the building using environmentally friendly products.

Process and planning quality
The school was built through a integrated contract. The building is a energy class.

Implementation of service package
Module 5A: Monitoring on energy consumption , Support for maintenance plan and user manual of the building
Module 5B: Support for biological cleaning

Energy and Utilities

a)    Primary energy demand
energy class A -condensing boiler combined with radiant floor

 b)    Renewable energy
solar thermal and solar photovoltaic

Health and Comfort
low thermal transmittance of the envelope elements

Building materials and constructions
wooden structures, coat of wood fiber, wood furniture

Special Methods
CasaClima A