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Piancavallo Albergo 2Hotel 1301 INN

Implementation concept submitted by: ARES

Place: Piancavallo, Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

Category (new/renovation): renovation

Type of building
Kind of public use: hotel/albergo
Total effective area: 2460 m2 – 10.940 m3
Source of energy for heating: gas
Type of heating system: boiler
Type of water heating system: boiler combined with thermal solar panels

Owner and CostsPiancavallo Albergo
Name of owner: Promotur (regional society)
Date of renovation: heating in 2009, refurbishment in 2012
Total cost: about 4.500.000,00 €
Financing resources: owner; regional government

Short description of the pilot project
The project involved the partial demolition of the original building, maintaining only the ground floor: the rest of the building is spread over three floors wood prefabricated, above a platform of reinforced concrete.

Process and planning quality
Objective: Energy class A
Low environemental impact of the building materials

Implementation of service package
Module 5A: Monitoring on energy consumption , Support for maintenance plan and user manual of the building
Module 5C: Support for maintenance plan and user manual of the building

Energy and Utilities
a) Primar energy demand
condensing boiler on gas (GPL)

 b)    Renewable energy
Low thermal transmittance of the envelope elementsPiancavallo Albergo 3

Health and Comfort
low thermal transmittance of the envelope elements

Building materials and Constructions
The construction system is prevalent in wood paneling  which improves thermal and acoustic requirements. Internal and external natural materials such as wood fiber and wool minerals and plasterboard