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Primary School Myrbacka, Vansbro

mirbakaPlace: Vansbro municipality, Dalarna, Sweden

Category (new/renovation): New building

Type of building:
Kind of public use: school
Total effective area: 1000x m2
Source of energy for heating: local distric heating
Type of heating system: Radiators cup led off with some heated floors
Type of water heating system: wood chip boiler, district heating
Type of ventilation system: FTX, carbon dioxide control sensors

Owner and costs:
Name of owner: Municipality of Vansbro
te of construction: 2013
Total cost: 20 M SEK
Financing resources: Land dalarna

Short description of the pilot project
The municipality intends to built a new school. It is a little municipality with great need of support. The MountEE project has alreade given consult support to determine energy and material standars and will give support in all parts of the building procedure. The project will help with LCC-calculations and evaluation models using the Sveby-criteria.
The building is going to fullfill minienergy-houses requirements, 69kwh/m2 and will use BASTA-system for selection of building materials

Process and planning quality
The municipality has made study visits to other best practice objects and adapted energy requirements lower than planned after consultation with MountEE-project.

Minienergihouse standard for energy and Basta-standard for building material will be used. The project will help to assure the fullfillment of these criteria in procurement and construction process using LCC-methods and Sveby-model.

FTX-ventilation systems are being installed and the building will use renewable energy from forest residues for heating and warm water.

Implementation of service package
All parts of the service-package will be used. The starting modules mainly by useing consultance, LCC-calculations and grouptrainings. The later parts by useing the Sveby-model.
LCC-calculations will be performed and the planning process will be discussed together with the other pilots.

Energy and Utilities

a)    Specific cooling demand

b)   Specific lighting demand

c)    Primary energy demand
The target is 69 kwh/m2. The building powered by renewable fuels. Outdoor  LED-light will be used . No cooling will be needed.

d)    Renewable energy
 The building is powered by renewable fuels from the forest.

Health and comfort
A FTX ventilation system will be installed and evaluated.
Cooling will not be necessary since the school is empty during the warmest month of the year.

Building materials and constructions
References to green building data bases have been made in the procurement. The builder has to fullfill att least BASTA  requirements. Measurements will be taken to evaluate how these requirements are being met.

Test of special methods
Sveby-model is used
LCC-calculations are used

Contact project owner
Organization: Vansbro Municipality
Name contact person: Jan Bjelvenmark
Address:  780 50 Vansbro
Phone: 0046 281  752 13
Email: jan.bjelvenmark@vansbro.se
Web site: www.vansbro.se