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Vorarlberg is one of the most advanced regions in Europe concerning sustainable building, energy efficiency and environmental awareness of inhabitants, local decision makers and building professionals. The market in this part of Austria on the North side of the Alps and next to the boarders to Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland is very well developed. But still, improvements are possible. The Land Vorarlberg with its 370’800 inhabitants and 140 square kilometers aims to get energy autonomous by 2050. Thus, Vorarlberg acts as a leader region from whom the partners in the other European regions may profit.

As part of the Interreg IIIA project “Ecological Construction and Procurement”, there were developed and tested environmental standards for the construction and renovation of buildings and tools for tenders. The regional strategy for public sustainable construction (service package “sustainable building”), that has been developed by the environmental association of municipalities, Umweltverband together with the company Spektrum GmbH from Dornbirn and the energy agency Energieinstitut and addresses to all municipalities which want to become a role model. This service package includes advice and support from the concept to the construction in the fields of energy, ecological building, decision making, procurement processes and quality assurance. Within the MountEE project, a new “facility management” tool will be elaborated.

More information: www.energiezukunft-vorarlberg.at (de)

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